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Crete - The Cradle Of Civilisation & The Largest Most Southerly Greek Island

Spinalonga Leper Island Just Off The North Coast Of Crete Spinalonga Island Crete

Crete is the largest island of Greece, and because of its size and the fact that it is so far south from the mainland, this majestic Greek Island is quite different from the others and could even be its own country. Cretans speak a very distinctive dialect, have many age old customs and often refer to themselves as Cretan, not Greek. In Greece, the Cretan people are known to be the toughest and the most welcoming to foreigners. Family vendettas still occur, and authorities are desperately trying to stop the tradition of firing guns at weddings.

The cradle of European Civilization - the Island of Crete is the fifth largest in the Mediterranean and the largest and most southerly Greek Island.  Crete has something for everyone and we are advertising Greek property on Crete.  The coastline is sprinkled with numerous coves, bays and peninsulas and is one of Europe's most popular destinations due to it's readily available sunshine and and temperate winter climate.  Steeped in history, Crete was the home of the Minoan civilisation and legend even has it that the first flushing toilet was designed at the Palace of Knossos (close to the capital, Heraklion).
You will not be disappointed by the diversity of the landscape – the rugged mountains, the endless beaches and the turquoise seas, the many cities, towns and villages, and stunning countryside.
Cretans are said to be the most hospitable of all the Greek people and have long memories of the war with Germany when the Andarte fought lond and hard in the mountains. Cretans are brave souls with strong family values.
TOP TIP:  Read 'The Island' by Victoria Hislop - a true story about Spinalonga island off the north east coast of Crete




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