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Our Passion for Greek Food: based on Cretan Olive Oil

No Greek Food page would be complete without extra virgin olive oil.

We've been fortunate enough to taste the new Cretan Olive Oil from Cretan Olive Oil Pot and are delighted to announce it is now available in the UK!

Cretan Olive Oil Pot is the name of the new company in the UK with direct family links to Crete.  Their oil is the best we have tasted and we've been visiting Greece since 1982 so you can take our word for it!

Crete has an abundance of sunshine and olives from here are even sold to the Italians who pass them off as their own.  


From the company:  

Cretan Olive Oil Pot is a family produced Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The olive groves are owned and maintained by the Kteniadakis family. During the harvest period olives are hand picked. Once collected the olives are cold pressed and tinned to keep the olive oil fresh when sent over to the UK. The acidity level signifies the level of quality which the Extra Virgin Olive Oil is graded. At 0.25% is well below the 0.8% Extra Virgin standard. The proof is in the tasting and we recommend dipping fresh bread or garnishing salads to experience the full flavour.

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