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Kefalonia - Close To Homer's Ithaka In The Ionian Sea

Greek Island Of Kefalonia Cliffs Of Kefalonia

Kefalonia is one of the larger Greek islands in the Ionian group of Islands on the west coast of Greece.   Corfu and Lefkas lie to the north and Zakynthos to the south and the islands can be seen on a clear day from Kefalonia's summit, Mount Einos. 


The main holiday resorts stretch along the south-west coast where the large beaches are sandy and the water is shallow, perfect for children who love to swim.

The forest-carpeted mountains offer spectacular views over the island, although you can expect long drives over tortuous mountain roads to reach the more remote northern and eastern resorts.

As well as magnificent scenery and excellent beaches, Kefalonia also boasts some unusual attractions such as the spectacular caves at Melisani and Drogorati 

Located in the Ionian Sea, Kefalonia is one of the greenest Greek islands, close to the islands of Ithaka and Meganisi.


Steeped in hisory with wonderful churches, glorious beaches and quaint fishing villages, Kefalonia offers many attractions.  


Kefalonia is the largest island within the Ionian group of islands and is simply stunning in the Spring when wild flowers are abundant.


The islanders, like most Greeks, are hospitable and welcome visitors and children with open arms.


Kefalonia is an artist's paradise. Click here to see our properties on Kefalonia 


Top Tip: Watch the film 'Captain Korelli's Mandolin' to get you in the mood for Kefalonia


According to mythology Kefalonia, was named after hero Kefalos, the son of Hermes and Ersi. 
 Apollodorus informs us that Kefalos was the son of Hermes and Herse, and that he belonged to the race of Cephalidae from Thoricus in Attica.
A number of myths have been invented about the erotic and marital adventures of Kefalos, a handsome man and intrepid hunter. He married Procris, daughter of the king of Attica Erechtheus and Praxithea. Kefalos was very much in love with her. Ovid tells the following story:
It was during the second month of their marriage, and Kefalos “was spreading his nets on the peak of Mt. Hymettus to catch deer with big antlers, when Eos (the Dawn) appeared before him in a chariot with the intention of kidnapping him. In vain did the poor mortal struggle against the goddess, pleading his recent marriage and his love for his legal wife. Finally the goddess, seeing him so unwilling, freed him, but not until she had sown a few doubts about his wife’s fidelity. In disguise, the suspicious husband returned to his wife and offered her his treasures. When her categorical refusal slowly began to falter, Kefalos, furious, revealed his true identity. The shamed wife went off to live in the mountains of Crete, where she became a huntress. Artemis, seeing that she was repentant, gave her a hunting dog, Laelaps, who always caught his quarry, and a spear that always found its mark. Then she turned Procris into a man and sent her home to her husband. She invited Kefalos to take part in a hunting contest and when she was victorious she revealed her true identity. The “deceived” husband realised his mistake and they lived happily together for many years.
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