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Sailing around The Greek Islands is a Wonderful experience

Experience Sailing In Greece

Sporades Islands in the north of Greece The Greek Sporades Islands

The Sporades islands are situated in the north Aegean Sea, close to mainland Greece. The three main islands in the group are Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonissos.  The shape of the islands (and small scattered isles around them) create many small gulfs, where sailors can relax and enjoy swimming in the turquoise waters. Alonissos with its unique flora and fauna is the first Greek National Marine Park, the largest in Europe. The Sporades islands are protected from the northern wind (meltemi) which blows hard over the Aegean Sea during summer months.

Skiathos Landing Strip Skiathos Airport


Skiathos, Skopelos & Alonissos


Fly to Volos from London Gatwick and take a taxi to the port for a two week sail around the Sporades. You can visit the bay where Mama Mia was filmed on the pretty island of Skopelos, where the sea is a shade of turquoise which has to be seen to be believed.


Skiathos is busy in high season but it is worth a visit if only to see the planes land over the harbour!


From there, Alonissos is a haven of tranquility and a nature lover's paradise.  You can even see seals if you're lucky and visit the only inhabitant of the island close to Alonissos, a monk who is keen to show off his building renovations and sell you his Greek honey - the dolphins are pretty friendly too!




With flights from London Heathrow and other international airports, Athens as a destination is the perfect starting point for a sailing holiday around the Peloponnese.

We sail with Greek Sails out of Poros, a family run business who take care of their clients by really going the extra mile.

From Poros you can explore the wonders of the Argolic Gulf from Hydra, Spetses and Poros, stopping off at remote bays which are perfect for swimming.  You can sail up to Navplion (which used to be the capital before Athens) and take in the Italian influences from wonderful marble squares to Venetian style buildings.  Here you can enjoy excellent cuisine and all the amenities a larger town has to offer.  



It is easy to take a taxi from Navplion to Mycaenae the kingdom of Agamemnon who was commander in chief of the Greek forces who fought against Troy.  His brother Menelaus was married to Helen (of Troy), the cause of the bloody battle. Menelaus was married to Clytemnestra-they had a son named Orestes.  When Agamemnon was fighting in Troy, Clytemnestra had an affair with Aegisthus. The couple killed Agamemnon during a banquet upon his return from Troy and Orestes retaliated by killing Aegisthus. Fascinating stuff.

Homer mentions this story many times to provide a series of foils to Odysseus (who married Penelope).


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